Hello world – take 2

Well here I go, both feet in the deep end.

I have thought off and on of creating a website for years.  But then life happens.

And now why not?

I am on the other side of an illness.

I am so full of gratitude for my health and recovery. At least once a day I will stop and be thankful for where I am now.  So much has changed for me in so many ways…my outlook, perspective, relationships, priorities.

When I was really sick, Quinn said “Mom, you have to think of the other side of the rainbow. You are going to feel so good when this is done.”

So here I am, on the other side of the rainbow…and he was right.


I originally posted this in September 2017.  Life happens, and now here I am in January 2018, taking a fresh look at this.  Somehow, the world of spam comments exploded, and this post generated thousands of comments.  Lets see if my setting changes work this time around!

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